Caspar Pauli

That's me and with this website you are invited to derive through the herb garden of my creative blossom. It is very versatile and multidisciplinary in its application, like a medicine. The synergies of the different ingredients, neighbourhoods and forces in my herb garden are what interest me.

Creativity is the electric arc of synergetic processes to me. I see my field of work in creating the right breeding ground for this: between you and me and you and others, in schools or companies, at the theatre or university, in the form of a workshop, through a structure, an object or a picture.
I like to ask questions, listen, think, be empathetic. I digest, construct, implement and work my way into a wide variety of topics, formats and contexts. How do I create an environment? How do I organise myself, my themes and my materials and tools? How do I put together a team and organise the collaboration? These are questions I ask myself, but also those who work with me.

Because the electric arc that connects the parts during welding is as delicate as an orchid. Creativity is not simply there. But when it arises, it unfolds a dynamic that can make real transformation possible.
I studied art, painting and stage design and have gained a lot of "professional experience" in developing and realising a wide variety of projects. I am an artist and see myself as a generalist.

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